Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bonus PyCon Day!

I was supposed to fly back to Boston tonight after a successful PyCon but the fates intervened. Or United Airlines sucks - take your pick.

Well, United isn't entirely useless because they did manage to get my bags to Boston. Bastards.

I do get to sprint for an extra day and I was able to get a room in the conference hotel. Joe, the all knowing bartender, says that the airlines booked a block of 250 rooms here for tonight. It should be a pretty ecclectic and angry crowd at the bar.

Update: I made it home the next day (Friday) but last I saw David Goodger his flight was canceled and he was expecting to get out Saturday. From the customer service lines at the airport David probably had some company.

NB, perhaps my mistake was traveling without a towel. That's like asking for trouble.

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