Friday, August 8, 2008

UK Python Plans

I submitted a talk this week which is hopefully not too late. I do like the idea of rolling admissions as opposed to the aspirational deadlines of other Py* conferences. "The dealine is Monday! and this time we really mean it!" The talk is a version of my EuroPython one with feedback from the first time I gave it.

I'll be there for UK python even if my talk isn't accepted (please disregard this if you are on the UK program committee). I've technically been on English soil before but practically I don't think airports really count. By the same token I've visited California and Hawaii.

See you there and hopefully the yobs, chavs, and hoodies aren't as bad as the UK papers make out*.

* There were many commonwealth attendees at EuroPython and the pan-national conference attracted ex-patriots in particular. I've always toyed with the idea of being an expat and some nudged me to expatriate to the UK. I dismissed the idea with some bluster about not being able to carry a gun or a proper knife. Not that I carry a gun; the nice thing about being an American is the free rider effect (crims don't know that you aren't carrying, they just know that some people are). I will be at the range tomorrow and will likely post pictures on my non-python blog.

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