Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PyCon Talk Accepted

I received my talk acceptance email yesterday. On schedule, even! The PyCon organzers get more polished every year (I didn't submit a talk last year so maybe this isn't new). It will be interesting when they publish the stats for talk proposals. I vaguely recall that the rate was 50% last year and 80% the year before that. The attendee numbers doubled between '06 and '07 so the number of proposals likely did too.

The email included the anonymous reviews of the proposal. Most were +1 but I'll keep in mind the +0 and -1s when preparing the new version of the talk. They were mostly concerned that the PyCon UK version of the slides was too code heavy. There is even more material now that decorators are in use "in the wild" so I may shunt those into a separate tutorial-like paper or maybe just include them as slides after the end so people who download the .pdf will see them.

I'll definitely have to prep and practice the new talk well in advance of PyCon. Lots of possibilities there; The Colorado Python group get together to practice all their member's talks every year - we could get the Boston PIG to do something similar. And I could make a show-me-do thing. And I'll definitely give it to the pythoners at my old company as a trial run.

Don't forget to register early for PyCon. We maxed out the hotel some nights last year and this year should be even bigger.

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