Tuesday, April 7, 2009

telnetlib progress

The first item in my Fixing Telnetlib TODO ("#1 test the hell out of telnet") is nearly done. The unit tests now test IAC handling and SB negotiation in addition to the read_* methods. As a bonus it looks like I fixed all the race conditions in the read tests'cause the builbots are going greener. (aside: did you know about Queue.join()? I didn't, very handy).

The only remaining nit is that the SB data tests are creating an uncollectable GC cycle. The Telnet object has a reference to the negotiation callback. The negotiation callback needs to call telnetob.read_sb_data() to get at the SB data. So I have a nego_collector class that looks like

class nego_collector(object):
def __init__(self, sb_getter=None):
self.seen = ''
self.sb_getter = sb_getter # cycle, this is a Telnet.read_sb_data bound method
self.sb_seen = ''

def do_nego(self, sock, cmd, opt):
self.seen += cmd + opt
if cmd == tl.SE and self.sb_getter:
sb_data = self.sb_getter()
self.sb_seen += sb_data

The nego_collector either needs to keep a weakref to the function or we have to break the cycle manually. Consider this just another crufty corner in telnetlib.

[woops]. I spoke too soon. Not all the buildbots are passing so I now have a machine running the telnetlib tests in an infinite loop with the CPU heavily loaded. Hopefully I can smoke out the remaining race conditions locally. If not I'll have to sign up to use the Snakebite testing farm.
[later] Fixed. Almost certainly. We now allow a margin of error of 100% (a whopping 0.3 seconds) in our timing assertions and we do fewer of them.


Marius Gedminas said...

Where's the __del__?

If none of the objects participating in the GC cycle have a __del__ method, that cycle will be nicely collected by Python's cyclic garbage collector.

Jack Diederich said...

Telnet has a __del__ method that closes the socket.

Cyrus said...

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