Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking For a New Gig

I'm a Boston based python developer looking for a new gig, full time or consulting. Here are my resume highlights:

  • Co-founded a web analytics & marketing company (Psynchronous Communications), and grew it to 1M+ in annual revenues.

  • Python core developer, author of Class Decorators.

  • PyCon, EuroPython, and PyCon UK speaker. (video of my PyCon2009 talk).

  • Hired, managed, and led small teams of developers in the rapid development of web applications.

  • 10+ years at web startups using a LAMP stack. 7+ years in Python. 10+ years C/C++.

  • company foosball champion.

The full "brag sheet" available on request (which omits that last item due to space restrictions).

Jack Diederich
cell: 617-821-1734

PS I've posted my contact information in several public places over the years but it is still invisible to google. Hopefully repetition will fix that.

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