Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Class Decorators: Radically Simple

The slides for my presenation are now online: Class Decorators: Radically Simple. Hopefully the pdf export worked OK.

The talk went reasonably well but I went a bit too fast and finished in 20 minutes instead of 25. I did have a full room.

Update Christ on a crutch and other blasphemies - The talks weren't recorded but I turned on my video camera and left it next to me on the desk. The audio was pretty good and oh boy - I really talked much too fast. I need to master talking in front of 150 people at the same speed that I talk to five.

I also dislike what my voice sounds like on tape, but that is a normal thing. Also, most people can't expect to be as sonorous ss Alex Martelli (an Italian with a booming voice and a English diction that would put most teachers to shame).

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