Saturday, July 5, 2008

Off to EuroPython

My flight out of Boston leaves in a few hours. I'll be arriving in Vilnius on the 6th at 2pm (Lufthansa 3252). If you see me in the Airport I'll be the tall redhead with a Lithuanian phrasebook in one hand, looking all American-y.

(short hair and no mustache again, like PyCon2007 and not like PyCon2008)

later: "looking all American-y" didn't work out. The Lufthansa stewardesses spoke English to the English, French to the French, but German to me. Sure, I am more than half genetically German (and I look it) and .. I didn't exactly dissuade them by answering "coffee, ja" when the drinks cart rolled around, after she had said something unintelligible to me that must have been "something to drink?"

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Fuzzyman said...

Have fun. I won't see you there unfortunately, I'm *still* writing the book. On the last chapter though.

You should come to PyCon UK in September...