Friday, July 11, 2008

ICFP 2008 Starts NOW

The ICFP programming contest starts in a couple hours. I have done it the past five+ years and care enough that I flew back from EuroPython early just so I could participate. Unfortunately my usual compatriot Bob (an Electrical Engineer) has been sidelined by an illness. This is a double blow because not only do I not have a second, our normal weekend of beers and grilling (really $50 bottles of bourbon and Omaha Steaks) is off.

I'll be doing it anyway but with a reduced level of fun (and likely success). If anyone reading this wants to participate let me know. I'll be running a bzr repository and depending on the problem (which changes by year) the code will be somewhere between 90% python and 90% C.

Foord, Brandl? I'm looking your way.

I've been meaning to publish my contact information for a long time; John Patrick has been a big deal at IBM for a long time and published "Net Attitude." He makes all his contact information (phone, IM handle, etc) publicly available and swears that is no more than a nuisance. Previously my information was unpublished and the biggest nuisances were head hunters and telemarketers. To put it a different way: all the annoying people already can find me, so why not make it public?

So if you are looking for semi-serious team for the ICFP contact me at or 617 821 1734 ('mercian). If you're in Boston there are a few wifi enabled cafes/bars/restaurants where we could collaborate.

3 hours until the problem is published.

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Jack Diederich said...

Foord is out. I wish this blog was listed on, but it ain't (no one at pycon know who runs the show and the listed email address only returns a form letter. I'm not in whatever club you need to join to get listed).