Sunday, March 29, 2009

Open Spaces Board is teh Funny

Someone got drunk and clever and backfilled yesterdays Open Spaces schedule board with fictional talks [typos mine, I was touch typing]. Another guy is making a panorama photo, I'll add a link when he sends it to me.

Teach Me Ian Bicking. Why sysadmins love editing your .py files.
A.N.U.S.: Plugabble Sphincters
Traversal: URL mapping is for the west.
Forking: because arguing is too hard.
Djylons: Let's make it happen.
Fulton v Rossum: Cage Match ($10)
GROIN: Come see how it works.
Zope: Making the simple IMPOSSIBLE.
Plone: Making Zope unreadable.
Acquisition Algebra: Fultonian mind fuck & other OOPSLA oddities.
Tic Tac Toe: Learn how to play, learn the secret strategies.
Tresling: Arm wrestling + Tetris, let us teach you!
Wheels: let's try them square (w/ pic of a trapazoid).
Niagra Planning: Waterfall 2.0 session
Catastophe Planning: Waterfall 3.0 session
Play: Rubix cube with a brown belt.
Reality: My hairy twisted pony.
Pickle: Love/Hate.
Let's get the hell out of Rosemont and find something decent to eat.
re Rosemont: STEAK.
ISO 9000: The future of python?


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the PLONE OS was:

Plone: Making Zope unbearable.

Anonymous said...

The Rubik's cube thing wasn't fictional -- we actually did that ;)

Jack Diederich said...

re: Rubik's cube. Yup, I knew that was real. I believe the steak conversation was real too.

Anonymous said...

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