Sunday, March 29, 2009

PyCon Organizers

The organizers did a bang up job this year. With the addition of a green room for speaker prep (coffee available all day w/ your speaker badge) and walkie-talkies for the organizers everything went smoothly. I heard a couple gripes about the Wifi but I haven't had any problems myself.

The hitches are with the venue and are the usual complaints. They charge $25/day for wifi in the hotel rooms. We don't have projectors in the open space rooms because they want $600/per projector per day. Coffee and beverage service gets torn down and put back up repeated so they can charge each time. Annoying.

The videos for the conference are already being posted. This is an amazing feat - each talk has three video and several audio channels that have to be spliced together. I'll link when mine goes up.

Thanks guys!

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Richard Tew said...

The food was amazingly better this year.

The lunch I made it to, and the one I had brought to me by the organizers (greatly appreciated) in the expo hall, were an order of magnitude better than the boxed lunches from the previous year.

Fruit snacks. An abundance of coffee.

I hope PyCon 2010 in Atlanta manages to maintain the level of quality :-)