Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PyCon Tomorrow

I arrive in the afternoon on the 25th and will be there through April 1st (leaving in the PM).

Tip: DO NOT bring a heavy coat unless you are from a sunshine state. Chicago sounds cold but like last year it is supposed to be warmer in Chicago than Boston (55F+ during the day, 35F+ at night). Last year I stepped off the airplane wearing an overcoat and it turned warm into sweltering hot.

No mustache again this year .. and maybe never again. While it was fun so was being a longhair with an eyebrow ring in the early 90s (dude, it was the early 90s). Many things are fun, once.

I have business cards this year. Plain $0.25/ea Kinkos cards and not the $2.00/pop custom wonders I had at my tech/marketing company. Last year I had neither and felt naked.

Consider the above an announcement that I'm officially back in the job market; tomorrow will be two years exactly that I've been on vacation. My bowling game has improved greatly, my golf game not as much (though to be fair I've been bowling for 2 years and golfing for 25). It was nice to be available to travel to every birthday/baptism/marriage/funeral/etc and go abroad on a whim but it does get old (and the pay stinks). Mainly I'm looking forward to working with a team again. Personal projects are fun but it ain't the same.

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